Make a Personalized Engineer Hat

Engineer Hats are great for any train lover of any age babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school age, teenagers and even adults! Use as a gift for any occasion and make it unique by personalizing with embroidered names and titles. Made with durable fabric and each hat is embroidered individually no two are the same.


Our hats are not the average hats you find online and through average vendors. Our hats are hand picked to insure the highest of quality. Yes you can find hats for $3 or less at on other sites. Three of those hats sit here on my desk to remind me just how low the quality is of competitors hats. These cheap hats actually tear away after being embroidered. Our hand picked high quality hats have excellent workmanship and, after embroidered, become a gift your loved one will cherish for a life time.